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What is ComiBlock?

ComiBlock is a Crypto-Robo advisor and a modern active manager. Our mobile investing platform is built like a world-class hedge fund, with fascinating upgrades. We believe that everyone should have access to transparent, high-performance access to crypto investing.
We are on a mission to build the most human investment management services for a new generation.
How are we able to offer a hedge fund-like platform for only a flat 1% advisory fee, while traditional hedge funds charge 2% advisory fees and 20% performance fees.
ComiBlock is being built from the ground up to be as efficient as possible. By cutting out the fat -- hefty bonuses, expensive offices, manual compliance and account management, etc. -- we will be able to maintain a lean bottom-line and pass the savings along to you.
ComiBlock Capital LLC ("ComiBlock") is registered in Nigeria and currently seeking to acquire an Investment Advisor license in Both Nigeria and The British Virgin Island as an Incubator Fund.
For more information about ComiBlock fees, please see our Fee Schedule.
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