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Asset Picking
Our process is: fundamental, bottoms-up research conducted in-house
Before any crypto projects, enter our strategies, These key questions help us to narrow the real value behind them.

1. Fundamental Data


A vision is essential, but in most cases, it remains the same, especially when it comes to new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Entrepreneurs are coming out of nowhere, promoting hundreds of new ideas on how to improve people's lives, and every project is a potential project of the century. It is not that easy. Many people just come forward with the intention to get rich, and the technology, as well as the vision, becomes less and less important.
Our focus is always on the value which a project can bring to the ecosystem and users. Value is created when issues can be reduced, or if real problems can be solved.


To get a better understanding of the current state of a project or coin, we review some basic components.
First, there is the white paper that should provide a realistic, and clear abstract of the main goal of a project. Sometimes, it is a very technical document, and other times it is only a marketing tool. We look for specific questions like
    what does the project do
    how does it work,
    and would someone need this project on the blockchain?
Also, we analyse the road map, looking for a complete overview of where a network's development is going to be in the next months, and where it is at the moment. For a product, we believe it's best to have a USP (unique selling proposition), or low competition. If there are already many other solutions for a specific problem, it's unlikely that it will reach the required awareness and usage.

Team, Partnerships, and Community

A third key component is a deep dive into the team and its partnerships.
While there are community-driven projects with organic growth, people actually working on them, and there are others where a core team is doing all the work. Neither of them may be wrong, we want to know if there are only a few people holding a big amount of all the existing coins.
The crypto community is mainly on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. We look for projects with a healthy community plus a solid web presence.


Tokenomics describes the design of a token in its network, which can convince users and investors to adopt it. It includes the purpose of the token, the distribution, network stability and governance. We look for the real purpose behind it and not just marketing machinery promoting their Ponzi scheme.
We also look at first and probably the most important property of a token or a coin, how it's designed to be distributed to potential users.
We also look at the purpose of a token,
    is it diverse? can be used as currency, provide its user access to services, incentivize actions within a network, act like securities, or represent ownership.
    Can they interact with other tokens, and is the access limited or free? Are they unique or fungible?

Developmental activity

We also assess the rate of developmental activities going with the project, both at a technical and adoption level. If it's a smart contract platform, how many projects are currently active on it?

2. Quantitative Data we analyse:


    Market Capitalization
    Traded Volume
    Circulating Supply
    Total Supply
    Max Supply
    Exchange flow
    Active and new users
    Number of transactions


    Sharpe Ratio
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