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Hedge ($yield)
Learn how hedging works at ComiBlock
When your portfolio declines for an extended period, you should be protected. It's called a hedge, and it can help reduce the risk of your portfolio and stem losses during tumultuous periods.
We automatically hedge your portfolio using a hedging vehicle. You don't have to do anything at all - just sit back.
The hedge is applied dynamically based on when the ComiBlock investment team believes our strategies are undergoing or have a high risk of undergoing an extended downturn. The degree of hedge increases during a downturn and decreases when the downturn ceases, as determined by ComiBlock's investment team.
We personalize your level of hedge based on the risk profile derived from the questions you answer when you sign up for ComiBlock. The more conservative you are, the greater the hedge.
By providing this hedge, we aim to mitigate drawdowns in your portfolio, which can be especially harmful to long-term compounded asset returns.
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