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How we choose assets that enter our Strategies
Dynamic crypto asset investing process with institutional caliber.
Crypto asset Selection Eligibility Checklist
The ComiBlock Crypto Strategies draws core constituents on a market- cap-weighted basis of eligible crypto assets, which comprise those items that meet each of the following Eligibility Requirements:
  • Is a cryptographically secured digital bearer instrument
The ComiBlock Crypto Strategies uses a broad definition of crypto assets to invest in all coins and tokens associated with public blockchains, including those using a variety of different consensus mechanisms.
  • Has a price that is not pegged to another crypto-asset, fiat currency, group of those currencies, or hard asset
The ComiBlock Crypto Strategies don't invest in stable coins and other pegged assets from consideration, as the Strategies are built for investors searching for returns as opposed to stable values. Note: An exception to this rule can be made for Strategies deliberately designed to include these assets, but that exception will be clarified in the individual Strategy holdings.
  • Is freely traded and can be freely held for the foreseeable future
This requirement exists to ensure that assets may be traded and stored in a manner that is acceptable to an investor. It also allows for the removal of assets with known terminations or pending illiquidity, such as those that arise from the announced freezing of a placeholder token at the end of a registration process, among other potential situations.
  • Trades on two or more Eligible Cryptoasset Trading Venues, without withdrawal issues specific to that crypto assets
This requirement exists to ensure robustness in the trading venue ecosystem supporting any given crypto asset. It guarantees that at least two trading venues support a given asset and that the second (third, fourth, etc.) trading venue(s) is (are) sufficiently robust to maintain smooth trading in the event of a failure at any single trading venue.
  • It is custodied by a third-party custodian regulated as a federally chartered bank or as a state trust company and meets additional security practices, insurance requirements, and business practice requirements as determined by the ComiBlock Investment team.
The list of custodians meeting the criteria above is reviewed on an annual basis, or at the discretion of the ComiBlock Investment team.
  • FireBlocks
  • BitGo
  • Fidelity Digital Assets
  • Gemini Custody
This rule exists to ensure that assets can be custodied in a manner that, in the view of the ComiBlock tech and Investment team, would align with the goals of investors anywhere in the world and meet the operational requirements of a crypto asset fund.
  • Has no known security vulnerabilities, including critical bugs, undue exposure to 51% attacks, or other factors, as determined by the ComiBlock tech and Investment team
This requirement exists to ensure the asset is not knowingly exposed to a critical security risk that could lead to a significant loss in value.
  • Do not face the undue risk of being in violation of any federal securities laws in the opinion of the ComiBlock Investment team, given present knowable facts and circumstances.
  • Has traded more than 10% of its free-float-adjusted market capitalization on Eligible Cryptoasset Trading Venues over the past 30 days.
This requirement exists to ensure the crypto assets included in the strategies are sufficiently liquid to facilitate easy rebalancing and withdrawals.
  • Has maintained a unit price greater than $0.01 for the past 30 consecutive days.
This rule is designed to ensure that assets included in ComiBlock strategies have robust price discovery in place.
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