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Investment Strategies
Learn how ComiBlock manages your portfolio

Origin strategy

Origin is our actively managed strategy, aimed at identifying utility-proven and established crypto assets with over $7B average market cap with proven growth patterns and sound tokenomics.
ComiBlock Origin holds slightly more or less than 10 assets depending on the opportunities available in the market at a time; And is the first actively managed crypto-assets strategy available to retail investors. Modeled after Bitwise10 Crypto, Grayscale large-cap, and Galaxy crypto indexes

Emerge Strategy

Emerge is an actively managed strategy designed to identify emerging crypto assets with durable competitive advantages, strong growth prospects, excellent leadership teams, and structural use cases.
Compared to Origin, Emerge seeks out crypto assets that are earlier on in their growth stories and tend to fly more "under-the-radar." Emerge also tends to leverage more one-off/unique market dislocations, which occur more frequently across the small-cap assets.